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 Introduction by Horog Máté: WELCOME!

I’ve always had a close relationship with fine arts since my childhood. During my early student years I used to participate in as much exhibitions as I could, and later on as a student of the Reformed College of Debrecen I introduced my own works. Even in these years I already felt a very strong connection to Debrecen, as I was born here, since then its legends surrounded me. These led to my main subject matter. I’ve been collecting different kind of stories, I’ve always been an autodidact creator; my creed - of life and teaching - is, that everyone who wants to create something, should do it!
2012 was a momentous year of my life. I set up my biggest business in connection with drawing: I started to create a postcard series under the name of New Propaganda of Debrecen. See section DEBRECEN for more details.
In 2013 with a moderate jump I found myself in Miskolc; find photos, legends, and the reason why I am here in section MISKOLC.
At the end of the year came the everlasting topic of Budapest: comparison, the centre, more and more friends and relatives living there… See more in section BUDAPEST.
In addition to the three big topics of cities during my internal and external trips I captured other settlements, experiences, thoughts of mine. You can find them under MIXED tab.
This is the story of how I got to the year of 2014, when the handmade works of Horog Máté arrived, and finally legends and stories of centuries can be taken home in your pocket.
See facebook for more informations (City-Legends.com)!
So this was the introduction.
Advertisement: handmade postcards, fridge magnets can be purchased in the CONTACT tab.
Finally in the INTERACTIVE tab you, Visitors are invited to an interactive sightseeing.
Have a good browsing and digging!
The current exhibitions since 2012:
From 2012. October 1.: City-Legends Debrecen, Üstökös Palinka House, Debrecen.
From 2013. February 1.: Retro Exhibition, Youth Home, Debrecen.
From 2013. May 25.: Group Exhibition, Debrecen Reformed College, Debrecen.
From 2015. March. 28.: City-Legends Miskolc, Sufni, Miskolc.
From 2015. April 15.: Retro Exhibition and City-Legends Debrecen, Youth Home, Debrecen.
From 2015. July 10.: Horog Máté’s (City-Legends.com) Exhibition, Winefriend Bar, Debrecen.